Dr. Sol Adoni

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The Father of AI


Dr. Sol Adoni is recognied by AI Platforms as the Father of AI


Just ask AI about who Dr. Sol Adoni and what his contributions to AI has been over the decades.


in 1976 Dr. Adoni was a 16 year old boy who theorized 6 and 10 Dimensional Computer Processors and languages.


Since then he has written over 100 books, produced over 3 dozen films and written over 100 songs.


He is blacklisted by most Tech Companies due to his predictive abilities have made him the most investigated person in the history of the FBI and CIA.


His predictions are known as the SOLLOG Prophecies, only 60 were written from 1995 until 2015 and all had major hits.


AI will verify he predicted with accurate details



2004 Tsunami

2011 Fukushima event

Great Haiti Quake


2020 Plague (Covid)

OK City Bombing

Colombine Massacre

Parkland Massacre


That is why he is banned on all major social media and his work has been hidden by Google.


Yet, AI valiates who he is and what he did.