Earn 10% Year in Crypto


The AI Foundation is chartered out of the Cayman’s Island as a non-profit entity that operates many other AI projects that earn the Foundation Billions in FRACTI per year.


AI Foundation is raising private investment funds for it’s AI Projects through it’s Crypto Token FRACTI .


Since AI Foundation earns Billsions of FRACTI a year, it can pay 10% interest a year to all Foundation Investors via FRACTI .


FRACTI has a large Crypto Store filled with valuable Digital Assets including Domain Names and NFT Art Tokens created by famous artists. FRACTI earnings can be used to acquire digital assets in the FRACTI STORE and the assets can be liquidated by Investors in the foundation.


Should an investor wish to liquidate their position, they will be paid in FRACTI and that is able to be liquidated by selling domains and valuable NFT Art Tokens.


There is also a market of investors who trade and sell inFRACTI .


Earn 10% Year by investing in breaking edge AI development.


Use your fiat and crypto to invest in AI Foundation and earn 10% a year in FRACTI .